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Patching and painting are our second name. Mr. Fix-It-All can take care of all your painting needs, if its outside, inside, small or large. Painting seems easy but you just might want to leave it to the professionals. From buildings to the bedrooms we do it all!

Mr. Fix-It-All provides all types of home improvement services which makes your home glow and look very beautiful and attractive. If you want that your home interior and exterior to look beautiful, then it should be properly painted by experts. We have well trained and experienced skilled workers who will paint your home in such a way that it will make you feel alive.


kitchen painting before
kitchen painting after

Painting Front

Our expert painters use professional techniques and tools to give you a clean, even finish that protects and adds character to your space.


Painting Front 1
Painting Front 6


Painting Front 3
Painting Front 5
Painting Front 1
Painting Front 2

Painted front of Lord Duncan Cleaner on Forward Ave, Pittsburgh PA

Painting Projects

Mr. Fix-It-All is a home improvement service provider in Pittsburgh, PA. We have skilled workers who specialize in Painting. From walls to doors, inside and out we can patch and paint anything. If you have a painting project that needs done, give us a call.


painted frame before
painted frame after
Installed new door frame and door, then painted.

Texture Painting


Texture Painting 2
Texture Painting 1